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Diverse Learning Environments



Expanding Minds Childcare is equipped to support the early stages in the development your child's first year. Your child will receive a great balance of social emotional physical skills needed to grow. Our skilled educators are trained to give your child the support they need to grow in this healthy and safe environment. 



Expanding Minds Childcare provides an active and happy space where children are given the opportunity to grow, explore, dance, sing and encourage their need for independence. At this age our skilled educators are encouraging each child to build self esteem and support their developmental needs.


Pre - Kindergarten 

Expanding Minds Childcare has been proven to successfully help children enter kindergarten. At this stage we've mastered friendships, kindergarten readiness skills, language, early literacy, social emotional and physical skills. Our friends are throughly ready and excited about learning and ready to engage in the next steps of their lives. 

School - Age Distance and E - Learning Program 

Our Program provides a happy, fun, and secure environment that is engaging and challenging for our school age friends. We make sure to set the tone for long lasting friendships and work on building confidence. If your school does not have in person class, we can help. We offer full time and part time help from our skilled and trained staff to help your child successfully complete the school year.

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