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About Us

Expanding Minds Childcare

Founder & CEO



   My Name is Josalyn Williams. I like to call myself a Mom-Preneur because I wear many different hats. Being a mother is my favorite hate to wear, which has made my second profession easier to love! Its children that I love.


   I started my journey in the childcare profession in 2007, working in the childcare center located in Roosevelt High School. From there, I was hooked. I love the idea that I'm able to be your child's first teacher and I love a challenge. I wanted to make sure I'm able to give a child everything they need to be kindergarten ready.


   Going forward after many jobs and majors, early childhood education is where my passion resides. I graduated in 2019 with my diploma, certificate and associate in early childhood education. After accomplishing those milestones, I went further to receive my directors certificate credential that I will receive November 2020. Throughout the 3 years that I've been open I have partnered with Reading Corporation, Thinksmall, and Parent Aware which I hold a 3 star rating in.


   Overall I'm doing everything that I can to ensure your child is well equipped and ready for kindergarten. 

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